We offer services complete accounting in accordance with national and European rules:

  • Consultancy on Fiscal Registration Procedures of the Company
  • Registration of primary documents in accordance with current legal requirements
  • Analytical evidence and synthetic clients, suppliers;
  • Fixed assets evidence, amortization calculation;
  • Elaboration of the monthly verification balance;
  • Drawing up the journal register, inventory register, VAT logbooks and books;
  • Management accounting and cost calculation;
  • Drawing up and filing tax returns required by the legislation in force;
  • Preparing other situations or reports required by the legislation in force;
  • Drawing up, checking and certifying the balance sheet;
  • Strengthen verification scales for groups of companies and translate them into the balance sheet;
  • Drawing up and filing salary payment states;
  • Drawing up and filing statements regarding the obligations related to the rights of personnel;
  • Personnel recruitment consultancy;